Digital Dental - Scanner

  • Easily adapt to patient's oral morphology and clinical needs by selecting the adequate dental imaging plate size. Hence, optimize patient's comfort with the dental imaging plate's thinness and flexibility, for a more secure and faster examination.You can get the images immediatly.
  • This dental scanner with optional removable parts that can be sterilized in an autoclave to give maximum protection. The PSPIX²® exceeds dentists' expectations in terms of hygiene.
  • The extremely short exposure times (0.02 sec)
  • Radiation is 50% less than that used with E type intraoral dental films


It is a highly effective and thorough method for disinfection, since it can destroy any kind of living organisms: it doesn't matter what kind of bacteria or spore there is on the surface of the instruments, or what kind of pathogenic and non-pathogenic organisms can be found on it. After the steam sterilization process, your tools will be free of all living micr

A dental autoclave's function can usually be split into 5 steps:
  • In the preliminary phase of steam sterilization, the dental autoclave's pump will clear all the air present in the sterilization chamber to create a vacuum. This is important because otherwise, the air inside would act as a sort of barrier that would prevent the steam to reach all tools in equal proportions.
  • After all the air has left the dental autoclave's chamber, steam will start flowing inside. The pressure inside the chamber will be greater than that of the atmospheric one, which will increase the boiling point of water. Thanks to that, the vapor inside can reach hotter temperatures ranging from 121 to 134 degrees Celsius (depending on the model you choose).
  • When the temperature inside the dental autoclave's chamber reaches its boiling point, all equipment inside is kept there for a predetermined amount of time set by the manufacturer of the dental steam sterilizer. This is essentially when the machine can actually start killing off the germs with the help of the high-pressure steam that has reached a temperature over 100 degrees Celsius.
  • After having killed off all germs, the steam comes out of the chamber, and all tools inside are vacuum-dried. Finally, as the last phase of the dental steam sterilization cycle, the pressure inside the chamber is decreased to the original atmospheric level.
  • After this the instruments can be stored and used again for clinical and surgical purposes. That is the definition of sterile dental instruments.


Intraoral cameras are tiny digital cameras that fit comfortably in your mouth and enable the dentist to show the patient an enlarged image of an individual tooth.

Intraoral camera to improve your oral health and diagnose dental issues such as tooth decay and periodontal disease, and tooth damage such as damaged or chipped tooth. They help to get a better understanding of your oral health and dental treatments an entire smile on a computer screen.


ULTRASONIC SCALERS Utilizing the Piezo-Ultrasonic Technology, the powerful and compact P5 Booster removes deposits with increased patient comfort and reduced operator fatigue – all in less time. The perfectly-controlled vibrations and high-quality tips bring to treatments more preservation, efficacy and comfort.


With linear and controlled vibrations of a Piezo-Ultrasonic generator, P5 Booster is gentle at patient tooth and does not erode the enamel leading to post-operative comfort no sensitivity problems.


X-MIND DC is a flexible advanced dental imaging machine that has the capability to produce the precise and efficient intra-oral x -ray ,with a 35% reduction in exposure time.